Society for Mitocondrial Research and Medicine

May everyone be healthy

The Society for Mitochondria Research and Medicine, India (SMRM) is a nonprofit organization of scientists, clinicians and academicians. The purpose of SMRM is to foster research on basic science of mitochondria, mitochondrial pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through out India and abroad


Mini Symposium on Mitochondrial Medicine

Hands-on Workshop in Mitochondrial Biochemistry, Enzyme Histochemistry and Electron Microscopy, 10-15 October 2017

6th Annual Conference of Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine-India, Convention Center, JNU New Delhi, India, 10-11 February 2017

5th Annual Meeting of SMRM, 6 -7 November 2015 was organized by Aravind Medical Research Foundation.

4th Annual Meeting of SMRM, 8 - 9 December 2014 was succesfully held @ Manipal University, Manipal.