Society for Mitocondrial Research and Medicine

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The Society for Mitochondria Research and Medicine, India (SMRM) is a nonprofit organization of scientists, clinicians and academicians. The purpose of SMRM is to foster research on basic science of mitochondria, mitochondrial pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through out India and abroad


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K. Satyamoorthy , Ph.D.
School of Life Sciences
Manipal University
Manipal - 576 104

Phone: +91-820-2571925
Fax: +91-820-2571919

K. Thangaraj , Ph.D.
Evolutionary and Medical Genetics Laboratory
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Uppal Road
Hyderabad - 500 007

Phone: +91-40-27192636
Fax: +91-40-271960591

Keshav K. Singh
, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Mitochondrion
Joy and Bill Harbert Endowed Chair
Professor of Genetics, Pathology and Environmental Health
Director, Cancer Genetics Program
UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center
Department of Genetics, School of Medicine
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Kaul Genetics Building, Suite 620
720 20th St. South
Birmingham, AL 35294, USA

Office: +1-205-934-2735
Fax: +1-205-934-2766